As Canine Special Adoption Service, we undertake to manage all the preparation of your chosen dog, along with the shelter in Spain.  All dogs are prepared in accordance with DEFRA guidelines on dogs travelling to the UK.  We also make all the arrangements for your dog to travel to the UK and a full information pack is provided prior to your dog arriving which offers advice on receiving your rescue and what to expect.  

All dogs travelling need time to be prepared, this process starts with the implantation of the Microchip, then the Rabies vaccine is given and registered to the microchip to verify.  There is time period of 21 days which must elapse between the Rabies vaccine and the dog travelling and during this time other necessary tests can be carried out.  All the dogs shown on our website are vet checked and healthy, to ensure they are fit for travel.  But these dogs are kept together in cages and thus the blood tests and final checks are important.  It is always possible that the status of a dogs health can change but thankfully the dogs are checked often and so this is rare.  The list below shows the vaccinations and tests completed by the vet prior to the dog travelling:

❖ Spay (with removal of ovaries) or neuter
❖ Microchip
❖ Antiparasite treatment
▪ Broad spectrum dewormer
▪ Spot-on :flea
▪ Flea and tick prevention
▪ Heartworm 
❖ Echniococcus treatment CEVA Cestem:
▪ Treats for Nematodes (roundworm, hookworm, whipworms) and Tapeworms (Echniococcus spp, Taenia spp, Dipylidium caninum)
❖ Blood Test
❖ Test for Leishmaniasis
❖ General vaccinations
▪ Distemper
▪ Hepatitus
▪ Parovirus
▪ Parainfluenza (kennel cough)
▪ Leptospira
❖ Rabies (expires after 1 year)
❖ Physical exam
❖ Bath

(Please note, some of the above treatments have other brand names, the overall treatment is the same.)


The cost per dog is split into two areas, the cost for preparation, which is the above tests, vaccinations & neutering and the cost for transport to the UK.

The cost for the preparation of each dog is £170.00 to £225 depending on the dog.

The cost to transport each dog is £200.00.  This is a door to door service.